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Issues in the history of the consumption, manufacture, and regulation of drink in Canada


  • Distortions: Navigating the message and the messaging

    When the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction released its Guidance on Alcohol and Health (opens in a new page so you can follow along) it was after a period of public consultation. I spent a lot of time reading the report released in August, talking about it with colleague and friends, and generally… Continue reading

  • Distortions: Relative risk and cirrhosis of the liver

    In the new “Guidance on Alcohol and Health” the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction includes some shocking tables of risks of death by certain conditions (on pp25-26), dividing the data by biological sex (male and female) and colour coding higher risk in screaming red shading. No attempt at panic building here (I’m being… Continue reading

  • Distortions: Alcohol harms in perspective

    I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, thinking, and talking about current “low risk alcohol guidelines” released by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. This is an organization that is at least partly funded by Health Canada and has government representatives on its board, so when people internationally look to these guidelines… Continue reading

  • Cannabis and liquor legalization on the road again

    Cross posted from drughistorycanada due to the connections between drink and drug history. If the weather holds I’ll be off to Saskatoon tomorrow for a symposium on cannabis legalization.  I have been asked to do a keynote based on my observations and research on the connections between liquor control and cannabis legalization.  It’s something I… Continue reading

  • Cannabis legalization, liquor control, and bias

    I’m cross-listing this blog post from drughistorycanada.com because cannabis legalization has connections to liquor control.   Just an update on the cannabis file. There has been considerable interest in this topic since, well, the past few years I suppose. But after the Liberals came back to power, with Justin Trudeau making a clear argument for… Continue reading

  • Welcome to drink history Canada

    This site is dedicated to discussing issues in the history of the manufacture, regulation, and consumption of alcoholic beverages in Canada.  It is written by a professional academic historian, so it can get a little cerebral and seem snooty at times, but really I’m just trained to write that way. It is important to use history to… Continue reading

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